Only use https to access teamcity server

Read this blog before you do my steps:

If the steps in the article didn’t help you, then try with my solution 🙂

1. In the connector, only use port 443 as a connector, this mean, you have to remote the connector for port 80


2. In IIS -> Default Website (port 80), change “http redirect” to your https


Add in the internal dns (otherwise, you need to add it in the host file

It is pointing to the internal ip of machinename:

Change the internal dns to point to the external ip of the server

The certificate above has expired, and we have to replace it with new one. Follow this guide to solve it:

Some highlights:

In C:/Teamcity/conf/server.xml


In C:/Teamcity/conf/web.xml


Remember to open firewall port for 443.